“I was impressed not only with Heather’s story, but by the way you managed to present it. It flowed well, it was very beautifully shot, it was a great story, and,it left a lot to think about.”

Suzanne Newman. M.D., Women’s Health Clinic

“Thrilling and intense.  Great images. Superb commentary and voice over.”

Andreas Knuffmann, Producer, Boomerang Films, Germany


“I was smiling and crying through the whole thing. So glad you told this story.”

-Susan Snead, Photographer, Massage Therapist, Astrologer

“ Entertaining and beautifully done.  This film is a must see for everyone interested in improving their health and for everyone working with patients to improve their health.

– Cloe Madanes, Phd Psych, Author President of (Anthony)Robbins-Madanes Training and Madanes Institute.

“This documentary is the best I have ever seen about recovery.  Short and factual. It is so relevant and precise in it’s details and information. Heather is an amazing person, adorable and funny!  In short, this documentary simply gives me hope. I hope you are able to spread this very uplifting piece of information to the rest of the world.”

-Kind regards & thoughts from Denmark,   Anne-Grete

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